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Windows 10?

2015-07-29 22:56:59 by Fivestar811

Anyone else got this for free? I thought I wouldn't use my stuff anymore, what a relief.... I didn't know my PC could handle it..3495863_143822498362_bandicam2015-07-2922-49-52-724.jpg

What do you guys think?

Edit: Don't get it. They'll spy on you. They can see what you're doing.... I went..... BACK!

I made more gaming vids:

Capture :D

2014-11-27 20:42:32 by Fivestar811

Lol I know I left that other post for a while sorry, Been doing some playz with game capturing. 

Because reasons: 

Watch me die and win. 

And my (real life) friend got deformed in Borderlandz. Funny xD

That's all for now friends :) 


Madness DAY!

2014-09-21 12:51:37 by Fivestar811

Lets start early because reasons. Lets see what our friends have for this Madness Day.

I did somethin for madnessday.

EDIT: Dchuyv, Thank you for da Scout!

3495863_141142151142_MPN2SAVED.PNGThey made it. FINALLY!! I knew this dream will become REAL!!


2014-09-19 18:36:03 by Fivestar811

They made it :'D 

We did it! Right?




temporal inactivity xD

2014-07-06 23:40:13 by Fivestar811

Got work in some lame nursing home for 6 weeks, gonna be a little inactive during that time. Office....

Should I get a tablet? I got photoshop and I'm wondering if the lines will come out smoother with it. Does it? With the mouse, no matter how accurate I draw, it comes out laggy :P

Random question: Any things you do outside the computer?

I'm a supporter. So worship ME!!! 

nah just kiddin XD (about worshipping)

Crap, I'm 20 now.... No more teen..... 



2014-06-21 00:45:17 by Fivestar811

Wow its been like 2 months since I made a post? I didn't expect to be this busy at work. 

Here's my story:

On May 20, I applied to some summer job program to get money. Then I got a call from a stranger telling me that I have to go to some class about job readiness or somein'. At first I was like "mhmm......" but then I guess I should give it a bullet xD. Then they said I have to come in a suit..... with a suit case.... on a hot summer season. So it was like a classroom, I had to take it for 5 weeks. Everyday (in a suit) I have to walk about a mile to get to that place, (had no money for bus D:). I was disappointed at first that I wouldn't get a summer job to get money, until it was a matter of getting a real job. The other day when I was at a deli buying a bagel, some old bastard took my bagel and I was like "WTF!?". So I snatch it puched him, broke his glasses and ran off. I usually get nervous and just let it slide not getting into a fight or anything, but I won't. After that on my last day of class, I've chosen where I want to work in and now awaiting for feedback and hopefully I don't have to work with children again.....

Thank God its over. I don't have to deal with that crap again....... Unless I'm chose to work with kids D: God being an adult sucks....


2014-04-26 12:01:57 by Fivestar811


Now I shall see what our community has for pico day.


2014-03-26 23:56:53 by Fivestar811

I have a ridiculous problem. Whenever I am playing some flash games that involves using the keyboard, somehow the keyboard toggles any action the character does by just tapping one button. Like when I hold the left arrow key which moves the character left and I let go, the character continues to move left. I don't know if its flash or my PC. I don't blame the authors, I know its my PC. I get this all the time and I'm sick of it. Do you guys know how to stop it?

Questions about video games

2014-03-13 00:28:56 by Fivestar811

Here are some things I want to know about you guys:

1. What was your first game console?

2. What was your very first video game you played?

3. What is your favorite video game company?

4. What type of games do you like most? (First person-shooter, puzzle, action, adventure, RPGs etc)

5. What type of game do you hate the most?

6. If you like Playstation, Whats your favorite exclusive game?

7. Favorite Xbox exclusive?

8. Did you know that the PS4 out sold the Xbox One?

Old Newgrounds.

2014-02-19 17:41:57 by Fivestar811

I found the old newgrounds before the redesign with this archive Waybackmachine 

Here's the old one: NG

While I was browsing through the internet, this poped up:


I dunno why, but I find it interesting. Also I founded my old account before the redesign!

look: sean1694 (silly name :P) Can you find yours? XD