Something I wanna say

2013-12-16 22:01:39 by Fivestar811

Sorry I was being inactive lately, I've been playing a lot of video games and had to deal with my brother. He's still crippled. Anyway first thing I want to say is that I am having problems with the smoothness in animating. I am animating at 30 fps and have puttin a lot of frames (about 20) just to move my charcter's hand. It comes out laggy. It can't be my computer :/ And I'm having problems uploading some of my flash files to the dumping grounds. The file is at swf. but it won't take it. Also a little question: Whats the difference brtween Macromedia Flash 8 and CS5? Does CS5 make the animation smoother? I know CS have a lot more features, but just for the frame by frame animation.

I am almost free form school. And then I'll take 4 more years of school. shit.....

Anyway, What X-mas presents you guys are getting?


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2013-12-16 23:51:40

I want flash.
And I want real games in Russia. I....... Want........ A NEW PRESENT

Fivestar811 responds:

Umm... Ok :/


2013-12-16 23:57:19

To animate in a smooth way, use the directional keys to move the symbol and use the Onion Skin (the second quare below the frames, you're also able to adjust it to see how much frames you want) to know where was the animated symbol before you moved it.

Fivestar811 responds:

hmm.. Never tried the arrows. Alright I'll give it a shot thanks :)


2013-12-17 08:47:47

To have really inhuman powers to do ANYTHING, Like disobey physics

Fivestar811 responds:

That would be awesome :D


2013-12-17 15:27:17

Same here, either games or school occupies the rest of my life.

Fivestar811 responds:

I know, that's what everyone gets lol.


2013-12-18 10:58:58

my father wont give me it

Fivestar811 responds:

Give what?


2013-12-19 08:58:37

Dont know...

Fivestar811 responds:

Well Merry early Christmas :)


2013-12-20 09:40:27

What do you mean by laggy?
Mind if you upload the swf showing the laggy moving hand?

Fivestar811 responds:

I'll try. I did say I'm having problems uploading it O_o


2013-12-22 23:26:23

I have question.

Fivestar811 responds:

Ok, I'm ready.


2013-12-23 13:25:47

What is:
13b x 2a(23 + 40) - 10000?

Fivestar811 responds:

I don't know


2013-12-23 14:18:33

You forgot PEMDAS