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Entry #94

temporal inactivity xD

3 weeks ago by Fivestar811
Updated 2 weeks ago

Got work in some lame nursing home for 6 weeks, gonna be a little inactive during that time. Office....

Should I get a tablet? I got photoshop and I'm wondering if the lines will come out smoother with it. Does it? With the mouse, no matter how accurate I draw, it comes out laggy :P

Random question: Any things you do outside the computer?

What is this?



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2 weeks ago

I hate this new update.

2 weeks ago Fivestar811 responds:

Me too bro.


2 weeks ago

Yeah the star and friend icon is gone. All part of a silly update. The notifications have ben reseted, that's why you got that many news. From now on everything is under the "Your Feed" option (right from channels, community)

2 weeks ago Fivestar811 responds:

That sucks, I'm so use to the shortcut to check on you guys :(


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago Fivestar811 responds:

HI jack.


2 weeks ago

What? I can't check my friends? Or notifications?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT i am your 80th fan!

2 weeks ago (Updated 2 weeks ago) Fivestar811 responds:

Oh my, thank you sir :)


3 weeks ago

Hm, I play soccer, play some console games (PS2,Mr. Nails: how oldfashioned >:3)... hm... I think my life is resumed as that xD

2 weeks ago Fivestar811 responds:

Nice :) But remember that life can change your life.