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Windows 10?

2015-07-29 22:56:59 by Fivestar811

Anyone else got this for free? I thought I wouldn't use my stuff anymore, what a relief.... I didn't know my PC could handle it..3495863_143822498362_bandicam2015-07-2922-49-52-724.jpg

What do you guys think?

Edit: Don't get it. They'll spy on you. They can see what you're doing.... I went..... BACK!

I made more gaming vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXxnvJemv2w


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2015-07-30 16:55:54

So far I've been hearing good things about it. I'm still going to wait a bit to make sure if it's really worth the upgrade. Then again it is free. :)

(Updated ) Fivestar811 responds:

So far for me its going well, though sometimes it becomes unresponsive whenever I click a button. But
its getting better now, probably just my PC. The design is good too and its pretty smooth.
However, Windows media center is no longer supported. Its gone now.
For one month I can choose to go back to Windows 7, so that's good.


2015-07-30 17:59:55

that's what i'm scared about too if my comp will be able to handle it, looks alright from what i've heard and seen about it tho

Fivestar811 responds:

I was scared too. The report says my PC meets requirements, but I still wasn't sure if I can use certain programs like flash 8. But I can. I was like "Oh thank GOD!!" my heart skipped a beat XD
Until I founded out that I can go back to windows 7 in settings. But I won't go back yet....


2015-07-30 21:39:49

Well it's fancy,which is nice :D

Fivestar811 responds:

Yes quite pretty. I love pretty stuff :3


2015-07-31 00:26:52

Looking great, just need to know if it will be worth :\
PS: what's the game from WildTangent that you play? Is it Final Drive? :P

(Updated ) Fivestar811 responds:

I'm still thinking about going back to windows 7 (you can do that in settings in one month), but so far its going well for me. It sometimes becomes unresponsive when I click something but its getting a little better. My PC has to.... I guess it ain't fully functioning yet. I plan on going back to 7 in August 25th if it continues to be unresponsive.

lol I don't really play WildTangent games, so I took it out. XD


2015-08-15 23:12:44

well to be honest I did had some really weird "glitches" coming from my task menu and my applications switching back and fourth to another thing so I got tired of it so I went back to 8.1, but after a week of going back to 8.1 I reinstalled 10 and so far everything's great :)

Fivestar811 responds:

Yes it's cool. But I founded out that my privacy is exposed. Its best to turn stuff in privacy settings.
I'm still planning on going back still.


2015-08-15 23:14:26

also are you a dragonball fan? just wondering since I see db online on your desktop lol...and this would be kinda strange but..would you know wheres a good streaming site for the series?

Fivestar811 responds:

I'm a fan of many things, DBZ is one of my top favs in terms of anime. This game is dead but they'll bring it back. There was a website for the series but its down (dbz.tv). Other websites aren't good to watch this but all well. But I just watch fights of dbz and other anime on YouTube.
There's nothing strange with watching something you love :)
I'm still a madness man! Are you still looking foward for MPN: 2? I still am.


2015-08-17 19:08:39

oh yeah it would be a pretty good idea to go back to your old operating system, its perfectly fine the only difference between windows 7 (which I think you have if I remember) and 10 is that windows 10 has a new task bar look to it, microsoft edge and some useless voice command and shit...I can't play any emulators on my laptop because windows 10 takes up so much ram it just gives me the blue screen everytime I run it...no more mario 64, legend of zelda ocarina of time/majoras mask, no doom 64 or golden eye 64.... (as well as other emulators like no$gba and dolphin gamecube emulator)

DUDE KEEP IN MIND UNLESS YOU HAVE IT ON A FLASH DRIVE OR SOME KIND OF BACKUP YOU ONLY HAVE A MONTH TO KEEP YOUR OLD OS OR YOUR COMPUTER WILL AUTO DELETE IT: sorry for the all caps...wanted to warn you asap...now here's a like that may help you switch back.


now as a madness fan, hell yeah! :D I'm waiting for the game to come out so I'm trying to save up for the game if I can run it with 30fps with low settings at least...although I'm going to get a game for sure which is crosscode, the demo alone looks awesome so the game is gonna be realllly promising, if you haven't tried it out you should, its gonna hold a special little place in my heart :')

Fivestar811 responds:

You're right. I just did. I heard they can still spy on you even when privacy is off. Besides My flash crashes a little more often. And flash games are more laggy too. But mostly the spying part. Luckily I didn't lose any of my files. (Don't worry I backed up) and I'm surprised I still have ma stuff. I'm never going to 10, EVER!

Awesome! I can't wait! I've seen the gameplays already on YouTube and it looks badass!
It better be hard.


2015-08-17 19:10:51

erm..sorry, this is a better link to going back to your old OS https://techingiteasy.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/how-to-rollback-to-a-previous-version-of-windows-from-windows-10/

Fivestar811 responds:

I knew it. I've gone back.
Feels good.


2015-08-22 02:07:54

Not yet.... But I Need to...

Fivestar811 responds:

Actually, That might not be good. They'll spy on you....... It's best we stay like this.


2015-08-22 12:20:32

yep its good to be back to my old os...when is MPN:2 gonna be released anyways? madness day? that would be awesome as hell as well as mc11.

Fivestar811 responds:

Krinkels n' Swain said 2015. But looks like it won't. I think so. I hope they'll prove me wrong.
But if it did, then YEA!!! That'd be AWESOME! Also MC11 xD


2015-09-14 07:20:43

I will always have Win 7 as I'm used to it, everything from 8 looks like it was made for touch devices. Yuck!
My mom installed it to 10 and I was like "I bet 10 bucks that it will start crashing"
Result: Not only it was constantly crashing, it didn't even turn on anymore and she had to give her laptop to service, then she haid to reinstall Win 8, LMAO!

Fivestar811 responds:

Thank God I went back to 7. Wow that is such a violation ;_;
The main reason I hate 10 is the spying part. Sure your safer from hackers but not from the officials.
Best to stay in 7 or 8, we still have protection and the officials won't watch us.


2015-09-22 16:54:24

Hey man guess what?
Happy Madness Day!

Fivestar811 responds:

Thanks man
Happy Madness Day :D


2015-11-03 16:11:55

My grandma has it on her computer. I don't know if she got it for free or not, but it works fine, and the menu on the bottom left corner resembles alot Linux. It's very elegant and better, in comparison with the older ones, IMO.

Fivestar811 responds:

That's cool. My issue is spying.


2016-02-21 14:29:50

Hey you. I'm still here and I'm still gonna TOENAILING PICE OF SNEEZAA DUUHHHHHHH

Fivestar811 responds:

I'm starting to feel left in and out about this...


2016-06-11 10:25:31

Hey buddy old pal ol' bud.
Just discovered that old talented dickhole Hulalaoo came back from the dead after 4 years.

Fivestar811 responds:

Hey bro :)
Really? God.....


2016-08-27 21:45:39

Hello man, haven't been here for a while!

Fivestar811 responds:

Sup bro, I missed you how you've been?


2016-09-23 11:48:59

Happy another Madness Day!

Seriously though, update your blog...

Fivestar811 responds:

thanks and nothing interesting to post now.
looking forward for something soon...


2016-10-21 17:37:46

sup man, been a while!

Fivestar811 responds:

Sup bro.
It sure has. A lot has changed indeed.
How are you?


2017-02-12 10:49:05

hey man, are you out there?

Fivestar811 responds:

Yes I am.


2017-07-23 02:25:56

It's been two years, make a new post already!


2017-08-16 22:44:23

No thanks, I'm not a faggot like you.